This is a list of some of the recent projects Whitelancer Web Development has developed.
Ocean Climate
Whitelancer Web Development worked with some local organizations to develop the new Ocean Climate website.  This site is based in Drupal and uses some advanced font replacement techniques to display non-web standard fonts without images. The site also has a forum, news feeds, and multiple sections with rotating images and video.  www.oceanclimate.org
Farnsworth Art Museum
We have subcontracted with PenBay Solutions on a project using Drupal that required numerous modules and many different content types.  They requested such items as calendars and events, class registrations, online donations, and galleries. It was a good example of Whitelancer Web Development completing a very large project in a very compressed timeframe.  www.farnsworthmuseum.org.
Snow Sport & Spine
This is a simple Drupal site developed for a local orthopaedic manual therapy center.  They wanted something clean and straight forward, but with some extras like a section for 'resources' (files) that clients could download.  They wanted to provide news/information on a semi-regular basis, so news is displayed on the front page as well as its own news page.  It supports Google Maps integration, as well.  www.snowsportspine.com
PenBay Press Calendar
This is a project developed using the CakePHP framework.  It is a fairly complex, in-depth calendar for Penobscot Bay Press.  Its features include the typical pagination and sorting, very flexible searching, a granular permissions system to allow the admins to customize who can control what functions, the ability to control the categories for events, as well as dynamic export formats for use in their print media.  They also planned out future upgrades, such as the ability to have 'add-on' features people will pay for, to give access to images, website links, and other 'special' treatment.  calendar.penobscotbaypress.com
Maine Schooners Reservations
This is an online reservation system built using Ruby on Rails for a local captain to give him a truly dynamic and flexible reservation system.  His main website is based on Drupal, but the reservation system allows him to build his schedule in as much detail as he needs, to add blackout dates when he gets charters and needs to reschedule, handles online payment, user accounts & email responses, and provides an intuitive, step by step process to guide the user through their decision.  The site itself relies on JavaScript (Jquery) for "AJAX" technologies to give the user a clean, fast, and responsive interface. secure.maineschooners.com
Chatfield Design
This website, built using Drupal, was created for a local interior/fine designer to be as minimalistic as possible yet beautiful to showcase her work.  It has a Jquery (JavaScript) heavy portfolio with nice transitions and effects, and it also has a flash inline replacement script to allow the font of this website a touch of flair, matching that of her logo's font.  www.chatfielddesign.com
Wayfarer Marine
This contract was won by Whitelancer Web Development partly due to speed and cost - the entire site was designed and fully developed in just under a week.  Using Drupal, the client is able to manage their own content, add sections, and modify anything that's needed on their own time. www.wayfarermarine.com
Sports Office
This version of SportsOffice began in 2007 and is an ongoing project. Whitelancer Web Development designed the 'main' page of this next version, seen to the right.  This is one of the most complex projects we have worked on, and we have been using Ruby on Rails to speed the process along.  The finished site will also be heavily "web 2.0", using advanced JavaScript/AJAX techniques when applicable.
NE Historic Film
This was a fairly large transplant of an existing coldfusion site into a Drupal CMS (PHP) site for the Northeast Historical Film organization, who supplied the design.  The work involved linking an open source store software (Zen Cart), streaming videos, and a multitude of articles and research.  www.oldfilm.org
The Maine Dog
This is a client's online storefront with included gallery for their images. They wanted a solution to get them up and going as cheaply as possible, so it was decided to develop it using ZenCart and adding some JavaScript 'extras' to give it some requested flair.  www.themainedog.com
EES Consulting
This is a local consulting company that wanted to build a site to allow for future upgradability (trouble tickets, emails online, etc). We designed this site with the client's provided logos and images and with a fancy javascript 'fisheye' menubar, using Drupal for the quick setup and to provide the client the ability to easily edit their own content.  www.eesconsulting.net
Evolution Guild
This is a site for a local gaming guild, based on PHPBB2 and extended heavily over the years.  The majority of the work took place in a full-featured online scheduling application to allow people to sign up for events and otherwise organize the guild, based on drag and drop and ajax technologies.  www.evo-guild.org